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A Multi-Phase Ministry Expansion Project

In March 2018 we were provided with an opportunity to acquire a prime 5.5 acre parcel of land on Hartman Lane in O'Fallon. By March 2020 our growing faith community paid it off! Since that time, we have been cash-flowing site work and land development.

Our need for expansion is apparent once you visit our current facility. When this miracle property came available we knew one of two things: (1) This is a site for a new and expanded ministry center; or (2) God would use this land to raise capital in a shorter time span that would enable us to purchase an existing building.

Each step has been taken with faith, prayer, counsel, and due diligence. Over the past year we have contracted a local engineering firm and architect/builder to assist us in mapping out the property and possible structures. Presently, we are working with a local lending institution to guide us through the next financial component of the project. We are excited to, in the near future, unveil more details of our Phase One plans that will include a multi-purpose worship space, lobby, meeting rooms, restrooms, and parking.

Continue reading below to find answers to some questions that you might have about this project and discover how you can get involved:

Why build?

We acknowledge that The Church is not a specific building; it is the gathered people of God. Here are three reasons why we believe a building is important:

  1. The people of God are called to gather for worship and buildings facilitate this assembling for collective adoration.
  2. Buildings also provide meeting space for equipping the saints for the work of ministry.
  3. A worship center is a space where we can compel others to gather to experience God's presence and be reconciled to Him.

How many building phases are we anticipating?

We have plans for 4 building phases. Phase 1 is our current project, providing space to expand our current capacity. This includes increased space needed for Kids Ministry, Student Ministry, and a multi-purpose space where our faith family can gather for worship and other events.

Phase 2 would include adding another 1800-2000 SF that would increase seating capacity, add more Kids Ministry space, offices and more parking. This expansion is tentatively planned for 2027 (or 3-5 years after Phase One).

Phase 3 would be a combination renovation/restoration of the barn into event space. This includes an add-on structure that would provide full restroom facilities.

Phase 4 would add a sanctuary with seating for 500. It would also expand kids ministry space and student ministry space along with a new lobby/commons space that would be large enough for small events. Our land was intentionally selected and purchased to accommodate a church facility of this size, but no larger. We value community and relationships and want to cultivate local churches where this is experienced. As God grows our church beyond this capacity, we see further growth coming through additional campuses.

There is no current timeline for Phases 3-4, but we felt it was wise to have a plan for our future growth.

When will we break ground?

Preliminary site work has been underway for the past two years. We are currently in the Planned Use phase with the City and anticipate construction to begin mid 2024.

What will happen to our current building?

Our current objective is to sell the building in order to help pay for the new facility. We are pursuing leads and having conversations with interested individuals.

Why do we need a new facility?

We have maximized use of our current facility and land; from here on it will limit our potential for future growth. In recent years we have experienced the limiting constraints of our present space. Our vision is to make a greater impact on our community and the world for the Kingdom of God than we can make in our current facility.

You're going to love it here!

How can I support the vision?

You can give a financial gift or pledge toward this project at any time through cash, check, card, or stock gifts. Beyond financial gifts, join us in prayer. Our hope and trust is in Christ alone to bring this vision into a reality!

Here are the areas that we are focused on as we step into the first phase of this multi-phase expansion:

PHASE ONE: $1,070,000

The aim of our church leadership is to minimize borrowing and to aggressively pay down any debt incurred for construction completion. To date, we are at approximately fifty percent of projected construction costs. The final step in the lending process is to raise $250,000 of pledges to be given over 36 months. Presently, we are at 75% of this goal. Below are cost projections for current and forthcoming needs and their appropriate allocations:

  • Six Month Reserve: $30,000
  • Upfront Costs with Builder: $78,500
  • $21,000 (soil boring, master plan overview, city approvals)
  • $57,500 (final construction documents)
  • Furnishings for Phase 1 Building: $40,000
  • $10,000 (portable staging)
  • $12,000 (seating)
  • $8,000 (lighting)
  • $10,000 (furniture)
  • Debt Reduction: $101,500

PHASE TWO: $503,000

In this phase, there is a 30' expansion that will provide an additional 1800-2000 square feet of space. This cost includes demo of existing wall, framing additional rooms, expanded parking lot, grading, landscaping, sidewalks, cabinetry and countertops for community lobby area.

We invite you to prayerfully consider how you can partner with us in this expansion project. Although there are specific giving amounts and commitments to be made, we want you to pray and plan for what you are able to do.

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